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Murfreesboro Child Custody and Visitation Attorneys Help Families in Conflict Establish a Healthy Environment After Divorce

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When a couple decides to divorce and go their separate ways, the happiness and sense of security of the children involved is always the greatest concern. Divorce can be devastating for children, so handling custody and visitation matters takes care and compassion. At the law firm of Pate & Knott, our family law attorneys have helped countless families effectively resolve their conflicts and build new lives with the best interests of their children in mind. We strive to maintain your child's stability during the family transition and help you establish a child custody and visitation plan conducive to a stable, healthy environment.

Child custody in Tennessee is considered a Parenting Plan

Tennessee law underwent a systemic change in 2001 with regard to children and divorce, when what had been referred to as child custody was changed to parenting responsibilities. The concept of a permanent parenting plan was enacted in an effort to reduce or eliminate much of the conflict surrounding child custody in a divorce.

The court will ultimately rule in the best interest of the child and either award shared physical and legal parenting time between the parents, or, the child will live with a primary residential parent with the other parent getting parenting time and shared parental responsibility. The court refers to the permanent Parenting Plan as a "road map" for the future parenting of the child. The intention of the Parenting Plan is to remove as many opportunities for conflict as possible by clearly articulating all of the details of the child's life with regard to their health, education, medical care, recreation, and religious or spiritual development. Both parents contribute to the development of the plan, and each parent has an equal say in making the major decisions with regard to the child's life.  The specific provisions of the plan are importation as they provide for the terms of the relationship between parent and child going forward.

Establishing child custody and visitation plans can be difficult and take an emotional toll on both parties. Our Murfreesboro child custody attorneys have more than 45 years of combined experience helping families address and resolve child custody and parenting time disputes. We encourage parents to work with each other, keeping the best interests of the child in mind. Our goal is to ensure the child feels safe and well cared-for and the family relationships remain strong.

Modifying child custody and parenting plans

When there has been a significant change in the life, health or financial circumstances of either the child or one of the parents, a modification of child custody or parental responsibilities can be requested.  If you have had a significant change of circumstances, consult an experienced family law attorney to start the modification process. Our Murfreesboro child custody attorneys will petition the court for modification on your behalf. 

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