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Skilled Murfreesboro Drug Crimes Attorneys Stand Beside You When Facing Criminal Charges

Drug crimes stay on your record and can change your life

When you are charged with a drug crime, the impact can be devastating. Nationwide, drug enforcement is a major focus for both state and federal agencies. Courts can and do hand down significant penalties for those convicted of drug crimes. At the law firm of Pate & Knott, our Murfreesboro drug crime attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience fighting for those facing drug charges. When it comes to your freedom, your permanent record, and your livelihood, trust attorneys who are experienced in defending those accused of drug crimes. Trust advocates who have the skill to achieve the best outcome possible.  If you are facing drug charges, trust our experienced drug crime attorneys.

Drug crimes and corresponding penalties vary significantly

Many times, those charged with drug crimes will be threatened with high-level drug offenses in an attempt to elicit a plea bargain. Law enforcement might give the impression that possessing drugs are a singular, straightforward, easy to prove the crime. But the truth is that drug crimes in Tennessee are numerous, complex, and have very unique elements and penalties. Common Tennessee drug crimes and corresponding penalties include:

  • Simple possession or casual exchange: this is a misdemeanor charge but can carry up to eleven months and twenty nine days jail sentence and up to $2,500 in fines.
  • Possession with intent to distribute: this is a serious charge, which is a felony and carry up to one to six year jail sentence and fines.
  • Sale of a controlled substance: this is a serious felony which applies if you possessing with intent to sale more than one half ounce of marijuana, and can result in a prison term from 15-60 years if you are found with 300 pounds or more of marijuana.
  • Drug trafficking and conspiracy: the penalties for trafficking or conspiring to traffic significant amounts of drugs are substantial; if this activity takes place near a school or across state lines, those substantial penalties become even more sever.
  • Drug manufacturing: Growing or producing controlled substances is a felony which carries mandatory minimum sentences and significant fines.

The drug crime you are charged with makes a big difference. Sometimes, it is not possible to avoid a drug conviction. However, having the counsel of an experienced attorney and making sure the evidence fits the crime, or lack of a crime, will have a lasting impact on your life. At the law firm of Pate & Knott, our Murfreesboro drug crimes attorneys help those accused of drug crimes in the Murfreesboro area understand their rights and their options.

When you face a drug charge, immediately seek the counsel of a drug crime attorney

Too many people accused of a drug crime fail to recognize and assert their legal rights. You should never make a legal decision regarding a drug charge without consulting with an experienced drug crime attorney. It is your Constitutional right to invoke your right to counsel and the right to silence. Exercising these rights will allow your legal counsel to weigh the evidence against you and help you make an informed decision. Our experienced drug crime attorneys understand the legal merits of law enforcement's case against you.  You don't deserve to plead to a drug crime you didn't commit. Instead, the knowledgeable drug crime attorneys at Pate & Knott will vigorously advocate for you and your best interest.

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