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Murfreesboro Truck Accident Attorneys Pursue Justice from Negligent Commercial Truckers

Prominent Tennessee attorneys take on negligence in the trucking industry

Semi-trucks, or tractor trailers, are particularly hazardous in Tennessee due to the windy mountain roads and inclement weather we regularly have to endure. When commercial truck drivers fail to use caution, even for just a moment, people can get hurt. The truck accident attorneys at the Murfreesboro law firm of Pate & Knott have more than 45 years of combined experience in seeking justice for truck accident victims throughout Middle Tennessee. We understand the challenges of enduring the injuries and emotional suffering that victims experience after an accident. We fight vigorously to recover the monetary compensation you need to recover and get your life back on track.  

The difference between tractor trailer accidents and regular car crashes is significant

Legal actions involving semi-trucks are significantly different from normal car-related personal injury lawsuits for two reasons. First, the damage to property and physical damages that result from these collisions are significantly more devastating. Semi-trucks simply are not designed for safety in the event of a collision. This is why 12% of all traffic fatalities in Tennessee involve a truck collision. These lawsuits require attorneys that understand the facts needed to present in order to be a successful plaintiff in a semi-truck related accident.

The second significant difference in semi-truck related cases is that the evidence used to support a negligence lawsuit is usually different. Facts that must be discovered to prove that the truck driver acted negligently require a lawyer that has worked on these cases before. Our Murfreesboro truck accident attorneys have built a solid reputation in the legal community as the go-to law firm when you need to take on a trucking company for negligence.

Common causes of commercial truck accidents

Our attorneys have seen it all when it comes to tractor trailer and commercial truck accidents in Murfreesboro and throughout Tennessee. The most common causes of negligence the lead to accidents include:

  • Inappropriate driving for the weather conditions
  • Fatigue (ignoring federal trucking regulations for rest breaks)
  • Reckless driving leading to rollovers and jackknifing
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Inadequate training of the driver
  • Not paying attention to other traffic
  • Trucking company negligence by failing to monitor driver safety
  • Trucking company and/or driving negligence for not maintaining the semi-trucks safely

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