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Murfreesboro Family Law Attorneys Provide the Legal Solutions and Compassionate Guidance You Need During Difficult Times

Resolving family disputes so you can start a new chapter

When it comes to domestic disputes, everyone feels emotional pain. Our goal at the Murfreesboro family law firm of Pate & Knott is to help you and your spouse arrive at a mutually-beneficial solution whenever possible. Although your situation is unique, our 50 years of combined experience handling family law cases, gives us clear insight to how we can best resolve your family legal matters. Our extensive experience saves you time and frustration, and paves the way for you to begin a fresh new chapter. Whether your case is resolved in mediation or in the courtroom, we work with you every step of the way.

Trusted Murfreesboro family law attorneys offer personalized service

When you are facing the dissolution of your marriage and the breakup of your family, you want to work with a law firm that has the sensitivity and discretion to be attentive to your needs while providing aggressively defending your interests. Our Murfreesboro, TN family law attorneys focus on:

  • Divorce -- Divorce is difficult for families.  When you and your spouse are unable to reach a resolution, we understand your concerns and needs and are available to personally assist you through the process, to resolve your divorce amicably or represent your interests aggressively.  
  • Spousal support (alimony) -- The court may award spousal support or alimony in cases wherein one spouse is at a disadvantage financially and has a need for assistance from the other spouse and the other spouse has the ability to assist financially.  Whether we represent the party in need of support or being required to pay support, we will represent your interests to assure you are treated fairly and consistent with the requirements of the law
  • Child custody & visitation -- The court always rules with the best interests of the child in mind. We can help you and your former spouse develop a fair and accurate Permanent Parenting Plan that will give the court all the information it needs to help determine the best child custody arrangement for all concerned.
  • Modification of child support -- If your circumstances have changed significantly since the divorce decree, you can request a modification of the order for child support. Our family law attorneys present a strong case on your behalf and work to get the changes you need.
  • Adoptions -- If you are looking to expand your family through adoption, we help you make that dream come true and help you change a child's life forever.
  • Grandparents rights -- Under Tennessee law, there are specific reasons specified in the law that may allow you to pursue rights for specific residential time as a grandparent.  We advocate for your rights as a grandparent and help you preserve the precious ties to your grandchildren.
  • Paternity -- If you and another individual have a child together and you were never married, it is necessary for paternity of the child to be established to secure the parental rights of the child, including addressing issues of the payment of child support and the residential time each parent shall spend with the child.  If you are not certain you are the biological father of the child, we can establish and prove paternity through the court process and DNA testing.
  • Post-divorce modifications -- When there have been significant changes to your circumstances after the final divorce decree, we can help you petition the court for modifications to the terms of parenting your minor child or to modify the terms of support orders.
  • Orders of protection -- When an individual or family members live in fear for their safety and the safety of their children, we get you the legal protection you need to feel safe in your own home.

At the law firm of Pate & Knott, our goal is to provide comprehensive family law services to our clients. We help you resolve the conflict at hand and plan for a better future for you and your family.

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