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The family law courts in Tennessee are overrun with divorce cases. People filing for divorce often have to wait months before they are able to get before a judge just to get their case started. Mediation (also known as “alternative dispute resolution”) is a quicker and less expensive means to getting your divorced finalized in Tennessee. Our Murfreesboro divorce mediation attorneys at Pate & Knott help you to reach a fair divorce settlement that enables you to move on with your life as quickly as possible. 

When is divorce mediation mandatory in Tennessee?

Most divorcing couples in Tennessee are now court ordered to at least attend mediation at some point in the divorce process if there are unable to resolve their differences on their own and reach a settlement. Mediation must at least be attempted before the judge will set a trial date. Although reaching an agreement is not mandatory, expert Murfreesboro divorce mediation attorneys often find the process to be beneficial and leaves out the uncertainty of leaving the matter up to the final decision making of a judge.

What is divorce mediation in Tennessee?

Mediations are officiated by a neutral third party that helps to find a common agreement on the issues that both sides can live with. There is no time limit on mediation. The amount of time a successful mediation takes depends on the number of contested issues and the breadth of disagreement about those issues. Our job as your Murfreesboro divorce mediation attorneys is to make sure that all issues are properly flushed out and any agreement reached is in you and your children's best interest. Mediations do not have the same rules of evidence and procedure that a court has for divorcing couples (and things discussed during mediation are not admissible in later court proceedings). This enables both sides to be more conversational about the issues and often leads to a fair result for both sides.  

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