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Murfreesboro DUI Attorneys Mount a Strong Defense Against Multiple DUI Charges

Multiple DUIs in Tennessee can lead to severe penalties

If you have been pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI) once, you probably vowed to never let it happen again. It was a terrible mistake, and perhaps you paid a modest fine. But what if it's your second or third time - or more? A judge might be sympathetic and lenient once, but if you have multiple offenses, you could quickly find yourself looking at serious jail time, a revoked license and/or hefty fines.

 If you are facing your second, third or subsequent DUI charge, you need an experienced, savvy  Murfreesboro DUI attorney on your side. With decades of combined experience, including successful defense of underage DUI and multiple DUI cases, trust the Murfreesboro DUI attorneys at Pate & Knott, Attorneys at Law to protect your rights and your freedom.

What are the consequences of multiple DUI convictions?

In 2014, the Tennessee Highway Patrol made over 150 DUI arrests in the Murfreesboro area alone. Most states, including Tennessee, have revised their laws for those who drink and drive repeatedly – sometimes referred to as a Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender (HMVO). The potential penalties increase significantly with each driving under the influence conviction, from larger fines to longer jail sentences. In all of these cases, the judge may have discretion whether to revoke your license and for how long, if you will do jail time and how much, and how large a fine you will pay. Our Murfreesboro DUI attorneys are fluent in the ways different aspects of a conviction can escalate, such as:

  • Increased DUI fines -- A first offense might result in a fine as low as $350. However, at the fourth offense, Tennessee law considers drunk driving a felony – and the possibility of fine as high as $15,000.
  • Longer periods of license revocation – The first time you are convicted of drinking and driving in Murfreesboro, or anywhere in Tennessee, you may be sentenced to only a fine and keep your driver's license. But just one additional offense could turn into a two-year revocation of your license. Get convicted a third time, and you could lose your license for up to ten years.
  • Extended jail sentences – A first offense could mean no or minimal (48 hours) jail time, but as early as your second conviction you could be sentenced to nearly a year long jail stay.

Other important things to know about multiple drunk driving convictions

The consequences of drunk driving can extend beyond fines, lost driving privileges and time in jail. Your car can be seized, or you may be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID). This tool can cost up to $100 to install, and another $50 per month for the associated IID lease. It will require you to breathe into the mouthpiece every time you start the car. If your blood alcohol level is above the legal limit, the ignition will not start. Also, prior convictions of DUI can give police probable cause to compel a breath, blood or urine test if you are pulled over in the future, even if you do not appear to be intoxicated.

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