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Compassionate Mufreesboro Child Support Attorneys Ensure Bright Futures for the Children of Single Parents

Compassionately representing your children's interests in child support proceedings

Children go through a lot of emotional turmoil whenever their parents realize that they cannot cohabitate with each other. The inevitable emotional toll on your children should not be enhanced by not being fully and properly cared for due to depending on just one parents income for their needs. The experienced child support attorneys at the law firm of Pate and Knott in Murfreesboro are passionate about ensuring that your children get all the financial support they need to thrive. We patiently listen to your needs and aggressively advocate for you in court. Our more than 50 years of combined family law experience helps you find solutions to your child support obstacles.

Duration of child support payments for Murfreesboro families

The duration of the child support you receive is as important to your ability to provide for your children as the amount of support that you receive each month. In general, Tennessee requires parents to pay child support until the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates high school, whichever is greater.

There are some circumstances where the support can be required to last longer than the basic standard. Children with mental illness or special needs often require court-ordered child support beyond the child reaching 18. Proving mental illness can be difficult. We aggressively advocate on behalf of your children to ensure that they get the full financial support they will need as adults. Parenting never ends. Everyone in Tennessee deserves to have all of their physical and emotional needs provided for by both parents.

Determining child support payments in Tennessee

Family law courts have some guidelines that they use in making their determinations for monthly child support payments. Judges make each parent fill out an income shares worksheet that is used along with the Tennessee child support guidelines. Although there is a guideline, judges are allowed to deviate from the guidelines if they find good cause to do so. Our Murfreesboro family law attorneys develop personal relationships with our clients and their families. Knowing your family and understanding your needs enables us to be in the best position to advocate for enhanced child support payments to better provide for your children. The main factors that determine child support payments in Tennessee include:

  • The gross incomes of you and your spouse
  • The healthcare costs for your children
  • The number of days the children will spend with each parent every week
  • The costs of day care for the children
  • Other child/children supported by either parent

Call for an initial consultation with a Mufreesboro child support attorney to discuss your compensatory rights as a single parent

Raising children is exponentially more difficult when only one parent is contributing their fair share of resources towards raising them. Our Murfreesboro child support attorneys at Pate and Knott use a team approach to develop the best legal strategies to recover the more fair child support compensation possible. For your convenience, we have evening and weekend hours available to personally meet with you to discuss your case. Schedule an initial consultation by calling our office at 615-848-1221 or contact us online.

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