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Murfreesboro Negligent Security Attorneys

Holding property owners and managers accountable for negligent security 

Property owners in Tennessee have a duty to keep their premises safe. Assaults and other crimes committed by third parties can be the legal responsibility of property owners in certain circumstances. Victims of crimes have the right to take legal action for unsafe premises that unreasonably exposed them to danger. At Pate and Knott, Attorneys at Law, our Murfreesboro premises liability attorneys aggressively litigate against property owners who inadequately secure their property, causing harm to visitors. 

Understanding the responsibility of Tennessee property owners  

Tennessee law puts a duty on property owners to make their premises safe for visitors coming onto the property. This duty to provide security is generated when there are foreseeable hazards or unreasonable dangers that put visitors at risk. Negligent security lawsuits are based on the idea that the property owner breached their duty to keep the premises safe by not doing something they should have. Proving the security was negligently inept is a challenge. The foreseeability element is enhanced when property owners receive notice concerning security issues. For example, broken locks or other security breaches that are not fixed make property owners liable for negligently securing their property. Our Murfreesboro premises liability attorneys are experienced at uncovering evidence to support negligent security claims. The most common defendants in negligent security lawsuits include: 

  • Retail store owners
  • Apartment complex owners
  • Hotel owners
  • Rest stops
  • Government facilities
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Homeowners

Determining whether the result was foreseeable

Foreseeability is one of the most complex legal constructs. In premises liability lawsuits, an inaction by a property owner is foreseeable whenever a reasonable person could have expected the result to occur if they do not take any action. Even inadequate lighting in a parking lot can give rise to security problems and potential risk of assault, accident or injury. Our Murfreesboro premises liability attorneys provide free initial consultations to those injured on another's property due to the negligence of the property owner. We carefully investigate the circumstances surrounding your incident and determine if you have grounds to take legal action.  

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