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Sometimes, modern luxuries can also create new safety hazards. One such hazard is falling objects, which have injured thousands over the past decade. For many Tennesseans, the closest Walmart or Home Depot is likely a short drive away. These superstores can make shopping incredibly convenient, but they also present a dangerous hazard as stores try to boost profit margins by fitting more merchandise onto taller shelves. In another scenario, building projects lead to important local development. However, a lack of safety controls can lead to falling building materials and work equipment, injuring workers and bystanders. At the law firm of Pate and Knott Attorneys at Law, our Murfreesboro accident lawyers have more than 45 years of combined experience holding negligent store owners accountable. When falling merchandise strikes, we work tirelessly to pursue all legal options to ensure you receive the compensation you need.   

What are the causes of falling object accidents?           

There are a number of mistakes made by store and building owners that can increase the likelihood of falling object accidents. Some common examples include: 

  • Poor signage – For example, a construction site fails to make pedestrians aware that work is being completed nearby and that there is a risk of falling objects.
  • Precarious stacking – Many superstores carry large items, and stack them high on shelves. A small misstep can mean heavy merchandise comes tumbling down on shoppers below.
  • Failure to inspect and secure – At both construction sites and superstores, employees use a number of tools in their work. When left unsecured atop a shelf or on a ledge, they can be a ticking time bomb for an accident.
  • Poor employee training – At large stores, it is often necessary to request help to reach items on high shelves. If not properly trained, employees are at risk to drop or mishandle items and cause injuries for shoppers below.

These are just a few of the ways store and building owners can contribute to falling object injuries. If you've been injured by a falling object, you should immediately seek medical attention. These accidents can cause significant injuries, especially if the object struck your head or caused you to fall. You should also consult a knowledgeable, local personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Being involved in a falling object accident can significantly impact your life, leading to medical bills, missed work, and other consequences for you and your family. Our experienced attorneys at Pate and Knott know how essential it is to work quickly to make you whole again. We work aggressively to prepare your claim so you get the compensation you legally deserve. 

When is a business or building owner at fault for a falling object accident? 

In Tennessee, you must demonstrate one of several factors to show a business or building owner was at fault for the falling object that injured you. These factors include: 

  • That the owner caused a dangerous situation that led to the falling object
  • That the owner or their employees knew about the dangerous situation and did nothing to remedy it
  • That they should have reasonably known about or discovered the dangerous situation

As an example, if an employee stacks several refrigerators atop one another in an aisle, sees that they wobble when touched, and leaves it anyway, you can likely show that this was an accident waiting to happen and the company should have been responsible for fixing it. Conversely, if a shopper wants the last box of cereal perched high atop a shelf, and rather than asking for assistance tries to climb up to reach it, it is less clear that this is reasonable behavior on the part of the shopper that the store should have the duty to prevent. Our Murfreesboro accident lawyers have years of experience analyzing these types of accidents. With our detail-oriented approach, we provide an honest assessment of your claim and recommend next steps. We take the time to explain each step of the process and work hard to secure maximum compensation for your injuries.

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